Developmental Movement Patterns – BMC

In this class or workshop we explore and embody the developmental movement patterns of Body Mind Centering.

These patterns are:

Prevertebrate Patterns:
Tonic Labrinthine patterns
Vibration Pattern
Cellular Breathing Pattern
Pulsation Pattern
Naval Radiation – Starfish Pattern
Mouthing – Sea Slug Pattern
Pre-vertebrate Spine

Vertebrate patterns:
Spinal movement patterns – Head to tail, tail to head
Homologous movement patterns
Homolateral Movement patterns
Contralateral movement patterns

Workshop duration: Two to five hours

Workshop level: All levels and abilities.


My relationship with Body Mind Centering began in 1984 in London when I attended a workshop with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of the School for Body Mind Centering in the USA. The workshop was on the Developmental Movement Patterns and I was profoundly inspired by Bonnie and studying with her. Soon after, I began to study in London with Patricia Bardi, founding member of the School for Body Mind Centering, taking weekly classes and doing private sessions in her studio in East London. I attended classes and workshops with Patricia at Chisenhale Dance Space in London over the course of one year. In 1985 I studied at the School for New Dance Development and took weekly dance technique classes with Trude Cone, founder director of the School. Trude integrated Body Mind Centering into her teaching of technique classes at the school. In New Zealand I have studied Body Mind Centering with Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad and Donna Fahri.


Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Body Mind Centering

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