Real Time Dancing

Performance, composition and improvisation


Embodysave2comp4D moving: hearing, seeing, feeling and moving simultaneously, one at a time and all at once. Spreading your perceptions; cultivating responsiveness and the art of making conscious choices in every moment

Memory and presence, present memories:  bringing pre-set choreography into the actual, live conditions of performance; trans-posing and changing pre-set phrases to meet the necessity of the present moment in performance; moving seamlessly between choreography and improvisation and the states that; learning to cross pollinate the specific qualities that each mode brings into performance to enlarge the options and responses available to the dancer, performer, choreographer
Range and flexibility: panning in, panning out; practicing noticing and engaging actively with our sensory awareness in a wide range of physical and spatial levels, modes, speeds, dynamics, and relationships; expanding physical range and repertoire in performance dance and improvisation: being comfortable with and versed in a broad range and level of physical engagement with others, from intimacy to athleticism; exploring the differing muscular and emotional tones associated with the different ranges and qualities
Exit and entering the space: practicing exit as a  compositional tool; managing, meeting and celebrating the  ’unexpected solo moment’ as a result of other dancers/performers exiting the space and finding yourself solo in the performance space
Musicality, composition and performance:  some relational strategies and options to consider and practice;  the ear, sound, moving and the body; simultaneous timing of sound and movement; contrasting movement and sound; sound environments; parallel movement and sound; silence;
Musicians and dancersperforming in the space with live musicians; exploring different modes of practice, options, states, relationships, engagements, dis-engagments.
Workshop duration: From three hours to twenty hours
Workshop level: Intermediate to professional