Playing the Present & Real Time Dancing

Photo credit: Keone Shelley Lyons

4D moving:  seeing, hearing, feeling and moving simultaneously, one at a time, and all at once. Noticing information. Choosing your responses.

Range and flexibility:  panning in, panning out; engaging actively with all of your senses in a range of physical and spatial levels, speeds, dynamics, and relationships.

Memory and presence:  moving between choreography and improvisation; learning to cross-pollinate the qualities that each mode brings to you as a dancer, performer and choreographer;  transposing pre-set phrases to meet the necessity of the present moment in performance.

Exit, Pause, Flow (Katie Duck):  practicing exit, pause and flow as  compositional tools and strategies.

Musicality, composition and performance:  the ear, sound, moving and the body; simultaneous sound and movement; contrasting movement and sound; sound environments; parallel movement and sound; silence.

Musicians and dancers:  performing in the space with live musicians; exploring different modes of practice, options, states, relationships, engagements, dis-engagments.

Class & Workshop duration:  Two to sixteen hours

Workshop level: Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Juliet Shelley began working professionally in the field of instant composition in 1987 in England as a member of Jointwork Dance Group, working with theatre and dance artists such as Jos Houben of Theatre de Complicite, Rosemary Lee, Katie Duck and Kirstie Simson.

She taught classes and workshops in contemporary technique and contact improvisation throughout the ‘80’s in England and worked freelance choreographing set pieces for theatres, fashion shows, school groups and festivals.

Juliet has been an active exponent of live composition in performance and contact improvisation in New Zealand, producing the work of artists Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Andrew Marcus and Magpie Music Dance Company.

Juliet has created, performed and co-produced solo and ensemble dance pieces for festivals, galleries, studios and theatres in England, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. She has taught classes and workshops in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands.