Pilates & Flow Motion

Pilates provides safe, intelligent, holistic exercise solutions for a diverse range of client groups.
The Pilates exercise repertoire consists of more than 600 mat and equipment based exercises for use in rehabilitation, personal training, ante and post natal and small group contexts.

Pilates can

    • improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination
    • reduce back pain
    • improve posture and alignment
    • improve balance and focus
    • promote relaxation and the release of tension
    • benefit pregnant women by providing a safe, effective, non-impact exercise system
    • reduce stress levels by focusing on movement and breathing with its related physical and psychological benefits
    • provide a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body
    • provide cross training benefits and increase fitness levels

Pilates Mat Classes

These classes focus on combining Pilates principles with postural awareness and core strengthening. We begin with centering, breathing and connecting to the spine and body. We identify and engage the deep abdominals to support the back and learn breathing techniques to calm the nervous system. Taking postural and alignment principles applied to the students’ own bodies, muscles that are short and tight are lengthened, and muscles that are long and weak are strengthened. We use flexion and extension to increase mobility and strength, and lateral, prone, standing and supine positions. The limbs are used as levers to challenge and strengthen core stability. Stretching and relaxation is balanced with cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises.

Flow Motion: Pilates, Yoga & Movement

This is a new class combining the best of pilates, yoga and movement.

Suitable for all levels, it will be aimed at people who need a lunchtime class which allows them to centre, ground, stretch, breathe, flow and extend. It includes pilates mat work material selected to support and prepare the body and mind safely and effectively for yoga. Also anatomical and postural cues, core stabilising and connection, spinal mobilising, upper and lower body strengthening and stretching, and flowing movement sequences (namaskars). Come along and try this new class out!


Wear comfortable, fitting leggings or exercise pants and a t-shirt or long sleeved top. Wear socks in the studio. Bring water to drink.



is a certified studio teacher with Performance Pilates and The Pilates Studio, Wellington, NZ.  She is a certified mat teacher with Pilates International, Sydney. Her teaching style and approach is informed by her career as a dance performer and teacher, as a teacher of The Alexander Technique and her training in related movement disciplines including yoga and Bodymind Centering. She draws from a broad base of experience in observing and correcting her clients’ movement and posture, in creating exercise prescriptions and in her tactile cues and adjustments.

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