“Fascinating and mesmerising.. Deirdre Tarrant, Capital Times

..very smart, silky movers.. Jennifer Shennan, Dominion Post

…the daring and ingenuity of the improvisers was a revelation. Jenny Stevenson , Dominion Post

..very cohesive and interesting.. Deirdre Tarrant, Capital Times

…an electric dynamo…” “..took the show to a new level. Dianne Reid, Dancehouse

…a very rewarding 55 minutes. John Smythe, Theatreview

A compelling text, paired with skilful movement made for a thought-provoking piece.. Fiona McNamara, Theatreview

Your exploration…was open, inquiring, intelligent and compelling and I found myself being drawn into your sense of embodiment and presence which you openly allowed the viewer to witness. Andrew Jary

My first

taste of dancing Contact Improvisation was in a workshop led by Juliet. It was a transformative experience. Damian Manu

Her skills are rare in New Zealand and of value to the arts community here. John Andrews

Her classes have been great in training and recovery for a major sports event and were absolutely brilliant in rehabilitation from a major ankle fracture – much better than physiotherapy. Sue Morgan

I learned contact improvisation dance from Juliet in about 2003 or 2004. She was a great teacher, really supportive, welcoming, and fun to be with. Her classes really expanded my field of awareness in all 5 senses. ..she’s great at helping people get comfortable with moving in their bodies. Cara Conroy

Juliet Shelley is an excellent Pilates instructor and gifted teacher. She

has in-depth knowledge of her craft and a sharp focus for correct technique to get results. She is passionate about her work and compassionate towards her clients and students. I recommend her. Brian Benson

Her approach is aimed at supporting and enhancing the learning process, developing individual and group creativity, and providing a safe but challenging space for the growth of these techniques on an individual and group basis. John Andrews

Juliet is a creative and supportive director and teacher. She understands the creative process and synergizes the energies of the individuals involved to get results. Brian Benson

Her teaching style is inspiring and her depth of knowledge is extraordinary. Damian Manu

It was a fabulous class this afternoon. Well-paced and meaningful instructions that taught me something about my relationship to the earth, the sense of movement, and playing well with others. Thank you.Claire Szabo founder Hot Yoga New Zealand