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Technique class and warm up sources material from contemporary technique, Alexander Technique, classical ballet and contact improvisation.


Pilates mat classes with Juliet on Zoom.  Open to all levels and abilities.

Juliet is a certified teacher of pilates mat and studio with Polestar Pilates USA (2020), Performance Pilates & The Pilates Studio, NZ (2011) and Pilates International Australia (2003).

She’s been teaching Pilates since 2005 in commercial studios and privately.

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique helps you change the way you move so that tension and pain are reduced and your body returns to a more balanced state. 

Juliet Shelley is certified as a teacher of the Alexander with the UK Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and graduated from the Alexander Teacher Training School in England under Dick and Elizabeth Walker in July 1994.   The Walkers learned the Alexander technique from, and studied to be teachers under FM Alexander, the founder of the technique.

Kind Words

‘Juliet has a genius for gently and tactfully correcting and supporting her clients, ensuring that we undertake our exercises using perfect form.

She is an excellent, precise communicator, and demonstrates with precision and grace. I relied upon her gentle, thoughtful approach and was grateful for her respect for my pain. Now, in my recovery, she provides wonderful support as I unlearn old habits and strengthen under-used muscles.’       

Anne French

‘You presented the material in a way that was both rigorous and accessible. You provided the students with a very solid foundation, and pushed them into new territory.

I was amazed at how comfortable they seemed with sharing weight and physical contact by the end of the workshop. Your steady connection to your own presence and commitment to the teachings allowed the students to encounter their own discomforts and move beyond them.

I think the work you did with these students will be a significant source of learning for each of them and will greatly influence their work throughout the next year and their time at the university.’

Eric Kupers

Associate Professor, California State University East Bay, Theatre and Dance Department, USA

‘My first taste of dancing Contact Improvisation was in a workshop led by Juliet.  It was a transformative experience. ‘

Damian Manu

‘Her skills are rare in New Zealand and of value to the arts community here.’ 

John Andrews