The Alexander Technique

‘The best thing you can do in any moment to improve your quality of quality of being.’ Robert Britton

Juliet Shelley is certified as a teacher of the Alexander with the UK Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and graduated from the Alexander Teacher Training School in England under Dick and Elizabeth Walker in July 1994.   The Walkers learned the Alexander technique from, and studied to be teachers under FM Alexander, the founder of the technique.

Juliet has been teaching private classes in the AT since 1995 in New Zealand and has worked in medical centres, health centres, for the Wellington Alexander Teacher Training School and privately since that time.

The Alexander technique helps you change the way you move so that tension and pain are reduced and your body returns to a more balanced state.  In an Alexander lesson your teacher will:

  • Observe the way you move while sitting, standing, walking and activities you wish to focus on
  • Provide tools and ways to help you move in a new way
  • Assist you with gentle manual guidance

With the teacher’s guidance, the pupil develops an awareness of the subtle relationship that exists between their mind and their body. They learn to notice their immediate responses and to choose how to respond to them. In the process a pupil or client may ‘unlearn’ or ‘undo’ what may be not be helpful for them and discover new ways of moving.

Private lessons in the Alexander Technique $60

“The Alexander sessions have had a noticeable impact on lowering my level of pain. The follow up exercises have taught me to use my body in a manner that means I am not putting undue pressure on my back. Since attending these weekly classes I am now able to complete tasks that I was unable to do when I started.

Tasks such as putting on my shoes and tying the laces, shaving my legs in the shower, get out of a chair with ease, playing golf with no pain and sitting at my desk without having crippling pain when I stand. I enjoy having the benefit of Juliet’s experience and would recommend her without hesitation.” 

Virginia Sanders – client