Technique classes for dancers

Technique class sources material from contemporary technique, Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation and classical ballet. 



SOIS is a practice, state or condition of perceiving and responding to information on three levels of awareness: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic – sound, sight, sensation.

SOIS is a process by which the dancer embodies this information and how doing so consciously can change their movement and compositional choices.  It’s about responding to simultaneous non hierarchical fields of attention whilst moving and dancing. 

Here, the dancer and their body are in relationship to their environment and each perceptual system supports the other.

This process reveals an infinite and ever changing variety of possibilities and relationships in each moment, with a quality of timelessness and abundance.

We practice SOIS in a range of different situations: solo, in partners, ensembles, at different speeds, tempos, placements in space and within pre-set and live material, phrases and choreography.  Doing this can reveal where ‘predict’ mode replaces ‘presence’ mode and how to change this. 

Zoom and the Porous Body –

Practicing principles of the Alexander technique whilst moving and dancing  facilitates fluidity, the spreading and stretching of perceptions and oscillates our range mentally and physically. We become available for sensory information and for experiencing more support in our dancing.

Taking the act of dancing as a starting place, as a foundation for relationship and for observation of our experience, we practice the use of our eyes, our ears, our minds and bodies whilst we dance solo, ensemble and in a duet, using different vocabularies, and in different contexts, technique class, compositional work and performance.

Compositional Scores and Practices

And So I would Ask,  Come As You Are,  EarBody EyeBody,  Earth Eyes, Intention Sensation Presence,  Living Timepiece,  Nine Star Ki,  Signature Movement,  Action Fantasy, Tuning Scores, Authentic Movement, Material for the Spine, Curious Luxurious, Self Describe, Move and Scribe.

Repertory: Soul of the Beast, In Living Memory, And So.., Sukinature


Juliet Shelley

Juliet has been dancing since the age of five.  She has a B.A Hons in Dance Theatre from the Laban Centre at London Goldsmiths University and was at the SNDO in Amsterdam for two years.

She began dancing professionally in 1987 as a member of Jointwork Dance Group, UK, working with theatre and dance artists Lucia Walker, Steve Batts, Andy Solway, Jos Houben of Theatre de Complicite, Rosemary Lee, Katie Duck and Kirstie Simson among many others.  She has created, performed and co-produced solo and ensemble dance pieces for festivals, galleries, studios, schools, fashion shows and theatres in England, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1994 she completed a three year training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and has taught the technique since that time. She is a qualified Pilates mat and studio teacher and has been teaching since 2005.

Juliet has taught classes and workshops in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands.

Juliet’s youtube dance site