Juliet is a certified teacher of pilates mat and studio with Pilates International Australia (2003), Performance Pilates & The Pilates Studio, NZ (2011) and Polestar Pilates USA (2020).

She’s been teaching Pilates since 2005 in commercial studios and privately.

Pilates mat classes with Juliet on Zoom.  Open to all levels and abilities.

Pilates can

  • improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination
  • reduce back pain
  • improve posture and alignment
  • improve balance and focus
  • promote relaxation and the release of tension
  • benefit pregnant women by providing a safe, effective, non-impact exercise system
  • reduce stress levels by focusing on movement and breathing with its related physical and psychological benefits
  • provide a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body
  • provide cross training benefits and increase fitness level

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Wednesdays until August 26th at NZT (GMT +12)

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We’ll start with a gentle warm up focusing on breathing, centring and spinal alignment. From there we’ll move on to exercises to mobilise, release, lengthen and strengthen tight or weak muscles. These will aid posture, co-ordination, stability and overall physical awareness to take with you into your day or to help you wind down and relax at the end of the day, wherever you are on the planet. You’ll be given imagery and directions from the Alexander technique during the classes.

$20NZD per class