Weekly Pilates Mat Class with Juliet


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Welcome to Juliet’s weekly online pilates mat class using the magic of Zoom. You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to feel fitter, stronger, more flexible and move more easily and efficiently, with a positive frame of mind and a stronger core.  The class integrates Pilates, the Alexander technique and somatic imagery; it assists in rebalancing postural alignment by strengthening or releasing musculature that supports and assists functional movement of the skeleton. The use of imagery connects mind and body, the Alexander technique directions assist in overall freedom, ease of movement and integration. We’ll start with a gentle warm up focusing on pilates breathing, centring and spinal alignment. From there we’ll move on to exercises to challenge core strength, moving in all planes, increasing spinal articulation and upper and lower integration. We’ll end the class with movements which involve the whole body.  For all levels and abilities.


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