Real Time Dancing

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A workshop led by Juliet Shelley

Tuesday 16th July 2013

10am to 5.30pm

Dancehouse 150 Princes Street, North Carlton VIC 3054, Australia

In this workshop, you will learn some essential tools to dance, compose and perform in real time and to bring embodied presence to previously created choreography. We will

work with aspects of the following:

4D moving: hearing, seeing,

feeling and moving simultaneously, one at a time and all at once: spreading your perceptions; cultivating embodied presence in your dancing and performance.

Memory and presence, present memories: bringing choreography and pre-set movement phrases into the present moment and live conditions of performance and trans-posing or translating them in the act of performance; moving between choreography and improvisation in performance and noticing how each genre has specific and unique qualities which dancers can cross pollinate.

Range and flexibility: panning in, panning out; practising moving and developing sensory awareness in a wide range of physical and spatial modes, speeds, dynamics, and relationships in the space and on the floor; expanding your range physical and repertoire.

Stimuli and response: experiencing the difference between various kinds of stimuli or sources of information – cognitive, physical, emotional and sensory – and choosing your response. Exploring different ways to shape and communicate your responses and the different qualities that they can bring to your dancing, composition and performance work.

Exit and entering the space: practicing exit as a compositional tool; managing, meeting and celebrating the ’unexpected solo moment’ as a result of other dancers exiting the space and leaving you on your own in the space.

Musicality, composition and performance: some relational strategies and options to consider and practice; the ear, sound, moving and the body; simultaneous timing of sound and movement; contrasting movement and sound; sound environments; silence; parallel movement and sound.

Pricing and payment options:

Super keen early bird: Friday 21st June: $50

Early bird: Friday 5th July: $55

Happy bird: Friday 12th July: $60

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